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Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica: Birding Highlights

May 8, 2020

Wildlife holidays in Costa Rica really are a really unforgettable expertise for birders. The region’s habitats vary widely and therefore are all wealthy in bird species, in the beautiful Resplendent Quetzal to flocks of Scarlet Macaws and also the outstanding Sun Bittern. Top rated locations for birders include the Talamanca Mountains, Carara National Park, La Ensenada Wildlife Refuge, Monteverde and Santa Elena Reserve, and the investigation station at La Selva.

Talamanca Mountains

By beginning inside Talamanca Mountains, birders may have the opportunity to see species they will never be prone to sight in subsequent locations, such as Fiery-throated Hummingbird as well as the Significant-footed, Peg-billed and Yellow-thighed Finches. These substantial mountains – up to three,350 metres – are a stunning setting with the very first days and nights of your dynamics holiday.

Carara Nationwide Park

This lowland Pacific Coast reserve is generous in its resident and visiting hen species. Specially memorable is the spectacle of Scarlet Macaws flying to their evening-time roosting locations, while many times invested inside the reserve can present several sightings of egrets, herons and shorebirds within the wetlands and trogons, manakins, tanagers and woodpeckers inside forest.

La Ensenada Wildlife Refuge

The coastal wetlands and mangroves of La Ensenada Wildlife Refuge are one in the country’s most important wetland habitats, producing the refuge an perfect stop on wildlife holidays in Costa Rica for birders with a distinct interest in migrating waders and other species ordinarily found in these types of locales. At the Colorado Salinas, the migrating Willet, Marbled Godwit and Stilt Sandpiper is often seen, although the mangroves are host to flitting Prothonotary Warblers. Overhead, flocks of soaring Magnificent Frigatebirds are sure to satisfy. Nature enthusiasts can even take pleasure in excursions into the dry forests to view and hear Mantled Howler Monkeys, in addition towards the quite a few chook species existing there.

Monteverde and Santa Elena Reserve

The cloudforests of Monteverde are dwelling to the Resplendent Quetzal, which can be widely hailed as the globe’s most gorgeous chook. A person sighting of its plumage is enough for many birders to agree with this assessment. Monteverde as well as the nearby Santa Elena Reserve are an fantastic discontinue on wildlife holidays in Costa Rica for hummingbird enthusiasts, with sightings of in excess of 10 species doable, especially in the beautiful ‘Hummingbird Gallery’. Likely up into the mountains also offers teams the opportunity to remain at Arenal Volcano Nationwide Park, in which the forests and lakes in the spot are household to numerous chicken species – and lucky guests can see a tiny eruption from the volcanic cone.

La Selva

A fairly different biome is identified at the investigation station of La Selva on the Atlantic slope – a lowland evergreen forest. The chicken everyday life is astounding: with specialist steerage, in just two times it’s feasible to see in excess of 150 species. La Selva is plainly a should for birders on wildlife holidays in Costa Rica. A single highlight could be the exceptional Sun Bittern, nonetheless it will be just 1 between numerous. Nature enthusiasts may also have the ability to search for birds within the middle elevation forests surrounding the waterfall of Virgin del Socorro.